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Inside nursery

The warm, home-from-home feel of our premises and our non-competitive, confidence boosting Forest School spaces are all conducive to good mental health in children.

We help children to make great choices about healthy eating, to take responsible actions towards creating a healthy planet and to work towards a more accepting world.


Our home-cooked meals, using local producers, are prepared to suit a child’s individual needs. We are proud that our children learn to be kind to and are conscientious about the wider environment – we are recycling, reducing plastics, and have bio-fuel nappy disposal.


As staff, we value and respect a child’s individuality in whatever form, and this is intrinsically taught to our children at nursery.

In the time it takes for children to develop from baby to pre-schooler, they undertake an incredible journey, gaining the how-to-do skills, the self-discovery awareness and the learning building blocks that will be essential in the years ahead.


Our all-encompassing, child-led curriculum builds confidence and establishes skills and physical prowess, so a child has the tools to explore, question and establish their own place in their world.

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