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In the Oak Garden and Forest School, our children have freedom to explore a natural environment, and can develop a sense of wonder about nature. It’s also a place where they learn to cultivate and nurture: in our gardening club, children can grow their own fruit and veg, and eat them for lunch if we’re lucky! We are outside as much as possible to keep us healthy, but when the children are ready to come back, there is a warm, homely inside space with plenty more discovering to do.


Our wide curriculum includes daily gardening and Forest School experiences with our Forest School leader, caring for our two resident rabbits and baking, as well as termly visitors like Zoolab, dentists and firemen. We teach important physical activities such as balance ability – working with rope bridges and trapeze swings – and develop the children's core strength and sporting skills, all the time encouraging them to take risks and challenge themselves safely. We have on board a qualified preschool teacher, and in her capable hands the children are introduced to and extend their knowledge of phonics, science and mathematics, as well as reading.

Toddlers Inn Nursery School Children Reading

The warm, home-from-home feel of our premises and our non-competitive, confidence boosting Forest School spaces are all conducive to good mental health in children.

Our home-cooked meals, using local producers, are prepared to suit a child’s individual needs. We are proud that our children learn to be kind to and are conscientious about the wider environment – we are recycling, reducing plastics, and have bio-fuel nappy disposal.

In the time it takes for children to develop from baby to pre-schooler, they undertake an incredible journey, gaining the how-to-do skills, the self-discovery awareness and the learning building blocks that will be essential in the years ahead.

See Our Gardening Video:

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