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The Benefits of Cooking with Your Child

Updated: Apr 16

There are many benefits to cooking with children. It’s fun, a nice activity to share together and also includes supporting their development of your child in a number of ways. Talking about textures, smells and tastes can extend a child’s vocabulary, helps support children to eat more healthily and promotes self hygiene, such as washing hands before cooking. It also helps children know how to be safe with cooking utensils and also highlights the dangers of heat from an oven. Cooking helps promote the development of fine and gross motor skills such as the use of cooking utensils and tools and stirring with spoons.


Cooking also involves lots of maths skills including weighing, estimating and measuring time and encourages mathematical language such as discussing amounts and using language such as more than and less than. Cooking can also spark the interest of where ingredients originate or grow from, and also can lead to children being interested in growing their own to use in a recipe.

So now we know the benefits, what could we cook with our children? Well here are some easy ideas to start with…

Some Easy Ideas to Cook

So where do you start you might ask? Well here are some easy ideas to get you going. An internet search will bring up a myriad of simple recipes, here are some of our favourites.

1.      Chicken nugget tacos– The kids will love this fun twist on tacos. Load tortilla wraps with chicken nuggets, tomato salsa and crunchy veg for a summer dinner that bound to go down a treat.


2.      Jackets and cowboy beans- Pile your jacket potato high with smoky barbecue beans and crispy sausages. This is sure to make lunchtime fun again - kids will love it!


3.      Oaty fish fingers - The whole family will love this fresh spin on fish fingers, coated with oats and seasoned with parsley, lemon zest and sesame seeds for extra crunch.



4.      Hummus and Grilled Vegetable Wrap- This mouth-watering recipe is ready in just 23 minutes and the ingredients detailed in the link below can serve up to 4 people.



5.      Veggie Pasta Bake - This mouth-watering recipe is ready in just 40 minutes and the ingredients detailed below can serve up to 4 people.


We hope you enjoy getting into the kitchen with your kids really soon. We hope we’ve persuaded you of the benefits to go and make something delicious, and have some fun in the process!

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