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  • Leanne Ammon

The Benefits of Dancing for Children

Dance lessons for young children is big business. And for good reason. The physical benefits of any regular exercise, including dancing, are endless. From increased muscular strength and agility to improved condition of the heart and lungs. Not forgetting better coordination, spatial awareness, flexibility, and balance. It can also lower blood pressure. Anyone would agree that for improved health, dancing is a great way to achieve a good level of physical fitness.

But as a mum to a five year old who loves to dance, it is also so much more. When we first began the search for ballet lessons, we quickly found a dance school through recommendation from a good friend. She had her first lesson and tentatively stepped into a world I knew nothing about prior to this. At first, it seemed to be all about the mechanics of where to put your toes, arms and legs. I thought, at best, she’s learning a skill. The skill of dance and bodily control. But after their first show a year or two after she first began, I began to view the benefits of dancing very differently.

It quickly became very clear that the dance stage is not just somewhere to perform a routine. It is a community. A community that my child was welcomed into and encouraged from the very beginning. She became part of something bigger than just herself. All those children together, from two years old to teenaged, had this one core thing in common. A love of dance and a desire to connect with others through movement.

With every move, they were creating something. A story, a process, a piece of art. And they were performing that something together. Dancing is telling a story. The story the choreographer had in mind, but also their own. Processing difficult emotions can be made easier through the movement of dance. It is as much a personal outlet for feelings as well as a visual treat for the audience.

And the faces of the dancers by the end of that show spoke volumes. The sense of pride could be seen beaming from every one of them. They had achieved something beautiful together as well as on their own. I witness with my own daughter an ownership of self that is only brightened by her regular dance lessons.

So if you’re curious about your own child starting lessons I would wholeheartedly recommend it. And it doesn’t have to be Ballet, although dance professionals do say that Ballet is the foundation for any form of dance. There are so many styles of dance. Modern, Street, Jazz, Tap, Lyrical and Acrobatic. Give it a go. Like me, you may see something wonderful.

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