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Why I Love Our Nursery - By Our Manager Sabrina

What do I love about Toddlers Inn?

It has been 10 years since I took on the role of Manager at Toddlers Inn so there must be lots of reasons why I still love working here and naming just three is actually quite hard.

I have loved watching the nursery grow roots and new branches like and Old Oak Tree! It has changed and progressed so much over the last decade! We have grown together as a team and as a setting which consistently provides a vast amount of open-ended opportunities for the children to flourish in. I love the variety of experiences from the tiny provocations the team set up in its environment to the big fun trips in the mini bus. Learning outside and seeing the children’s fascinations about the seasons, insects, plants and animals. The creative experiences and yummy baking!

I love how our outdoor approach allows the children the freedom to learn without ceilings and watching them develop into strong confident independent learners who question everything we do and show a real thirst for learning. I am extremely lucky that my office door opens directly onto the oak garden so I get to see and listen to the children without them knowing I am there. Hearing the little conversations with their friends about their day, their interactions with a caring staff member, the reassurance when they are trying something new and the little faces that pop up every day for a quick chat about their adventures.

I love the individuality of each room, how it adapts for the children’s personal needs; the cosines and warmth in the Little Acorns, our baby room, where children become an extension of our Toddlers Inn family, the natural progression into Saplings where children start to explore and become independent, being curious about the real resources and natural materials and then moving onto Forest School where the children thrive in the big world learning to grow vegetables in the allotment and take care of the chickens, rabbits and ducks. I just love how the children make their own pathways and watching them grow fill me with such joy and a make Toddlers Inn a lovely place to work.

By Sabrina Watt

Nursery Manager

About Us: We know that choosing a nursery is a big decision and here at Toddlers Inn, after years of experience, we think we understand what is important to both parents and children. We realise the demands and pressures parents have in their lives and we therefore offer many different, flexible sessions to suit every parent's needs. Whether you are applying for a funded or self-funding place, or have vouchers from work, we will always endeavour to find what works best for you. Visit our website at #ChildrensNurseryLewes #ChildrensNurseryNewick #ChildrensNurseryBurgessHill #ChildrensNurseryBarcombe #ChildrensNurseryUckfield #ChildrensNurseryHaywardsHeath #ChildrensNurseryScaynesHill #ChildrensNurserySouthChailey #ChildrensNurseryRingmer #ChildrensNurseryChailey #ChildrensNurseryNorthChailey #ChildrensNurseryPlumpton #ChildrensNurseryMaresfield #ChildrensNurseryDitchling #ChildrensNurseryLindfield #ChildrensNurseryIsfield #NurserySchoolLewes #NurserySchoolNewick #NurserySchoolBurgessHill #NurserySchoolBarcombe #NurserySchoolUckfield #NurserySchoolHaywardsHeath #NurserySchoolScaynesHill #NurserySchoolSouthChailey #NurserySchoolRingmer #NurserySchoolChailey #NurserySchoolNorthChailey #NurserySchoolPlumpton #NurserySchoolMaresfield #NurserySchoolDitchling #NurserySchoolLindfield #NurserySchoolIsfield

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