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Why Join Toddlers Inn Preschool

School Readiness at Toddlers Inn

Many people interpret this as children being able to write their own names, sitting still for long periods of time, recognising letters and numerals but this isn’t actually a requirement for little people so young.

The official definition is for children to be ready socially, physically and intellectually for school BUT what does this look like at Toddlers Inn?

We have a wonderful vast outdoor classroom where we can provide open ended opportunities for children to play, socialise with friends, explore, question, experiment and have fun so they can become confident independent learners; ready for anything! We also have indoor spaces for children to relax; an art room, cosy reading areas in our heated yurts, music spaces, small world play areas and places just to rest and take in the world around them

School readiness is about being confident and willing to learn, being engaged and motivated We help to build their confidence to take risks, challenge themselves and explore their environment physically by climbing, running, jumping, digging, building, using those large motor movements to ensure they can control the smaller fine motor movements too.

We ensure there are focus times so children can communicate, share stories, make marks, count and explore mathematical language such as bigger/smaller, less/more. We provide times for children to connect with each other, to listen to each other, to share, take turns and interact in small and large groups. We use lots of open ended questions to develop curiosity and interest ensuring the children have learning moments throughout the day; What happens if…..? How can we….?

We do this by providing learning opportunities throughout the day; counting flower petals, making patterns and letters with sticks in the mud, matching leaves and textures, comparing sizes and patterns, engaging with science experiments, baking, yoga, pet care and gardening clubs.

We teach children about boundaries to help keep them safe in a forest school environment, we learn about tolerance and acceptance. We learn empathy and understanding of everyone’s similarities and differences, we spend time learning about nature and caring for the environment, being mindful about the world and how we can protect it

We develop independence by allowing children to self-serve at meal times, support children to dress themselves and use the toilet independently, communicating their needs and recognising their name. We ensure the children have ample opportunities to have their own ideas, make links and share their own knowledge with each other in a caring, supportive, environment

These things happen daily to ensure every child is school ready, prepared to take on the world and whatever adventures they find on their way.

Happy, curious, confident children will take on the challenges of school with ease and flourish in any learning environment

Mighty Oaks From Little Acorns Grow

About Us:

We know that choosing a nursery is a big decision and here at Toddlers Inn, after years of experience, we think we understand what is important to both parents and children. We realise the demands and pressures parents have in their lives and we therefore offer many different, flexible sessions to suit every parent's needs. Whether you are applying for a funded or self-funding place, or have vouchers from work, we will always endeavour to find what works best for you.

Visit our website at

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