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  • Leanne Ammon

New Year Resolutions. How Family is so important in the New Year.

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

It’s a new year. one that I think we all have been looking forward to. To saying

goodbye to the year that has been. And to saying hello to something new. A fresh, new palette. Yes, we may be in lockdown again. Yes, we still may not be able to see our friends and our families. But with a new year there always brings a sense of hope. Hope that things will change with the turning of the season into Spring. And there is something very special that I think last year taught us. In a year of let downs, cancellations and hope dashing that brought us all to our knees on probably more than one occasion, there is one thing that, for some us, it strengthened. One thing that, for some of us, it nourished and grew into something valuable. The notion of family.

Whether you live alone, as a couple, as a family of 4, 5 or 6. We were all brought the gift of knowing and valuing your family bubbles. Of being able to spend more time together in your family unit where the first lockdown allowed us to prioritise each other over the commute even if it was only for a few weeks. Of appreciating the people in your wider bubble because we knew we’d chosen them. And they had chosen us. To be able to see each other during a time when personal space was fiercely protected.

But just because we are beginning to resume normal work patterns it shouldn’t mean that our new-found sense of family and appreciation needs to change with it. Our bubbles don’t appear to be dissipating any time soon so a new year is the perfect time to keep those bonds tight. If ever there was a new year’s resolution to be made this year, I think mine would be to make the most of what I have learned about my family this last year. mainly that I love them. That when it comes down to it, I would actually choose them as my ‘bubble’ of love and security and companionship over anyone else.

So this year, rather than placing huge obligations to lose weight, start body brushing or train for a marathon (nothing wrong with any of those things, of course) I think I’d rather make a resolution to foster and promote what lockdown has taught us. That time together as a family, and family can mean many different things to different people, is what I want more of in my new year.

So I’m going to make it a priority. To simply savour the time we spend together when we are permitted to. It might be creating movie afternoons, going out for walks along the river, playing games that eventually will become family favourites or a Sunday Bake Off. Whatever it is that you have found you have done more of together simply as a result of the last year’s enforced enclosure, then why not make this year the time to keep the momentum going. They could be traditions in the making.

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