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Why Join Us at Toddlers Inn Nursery?

Our Toddlers Inn Team are enthusiastic, caring individuals who have both excellent and varied experience within the child care sector. This means that we not only offer the highest standards of care, we also offer a diversity in skillset and ideas. This allows us to provide our children with a broad range of exciting activities and brilliant learning opportunities.

We promote, and value, independence and child-led play. We believe that each child should be allowed the opportunity to express themselves, their preferences and interests, and to be supported in developing into a unique individual.

We firmly believe in the value and benefits of the outdoors and aim for our children to spend as much time learning outside as possible. We have wonderful forest school facilities and outdoor areas including a large allotment where the children can follow the cycle of planting, growing and eating their own produce. We believe children should have ample opportunities to learn in the fresh air — experiencing the magic of the natural world, taking in seasonal changes and learning about the animals which live in our local environment, including our very friendly resident rabbits.

We offer an extensive range of enhanced provision for all of our children. We know that by providing them with a variety of opportunities, we are offering them the very best start in life and the foundation for life-long learning. We are passionate about educating children and supporting them to become confident, resilient, independent and caring young people.

When your child attends nursery this is the first high level of social interaction they will encounter outside of family and friends. Social interactions are how children act and react to those around them. Interactions include physical movements (body language), conversation, playing together, sharing, cooperating and more. ‘While children are playing’ they are developing their learning. Playing teaches children a whole range of skills to support them in their lifelong learning — for example, playing supports and encourages problem-solving, sharing, friendships, building imagination, creativity and so much more.

Our open-plan, homely classrooms ensure the children can access age-appropriate, safe places. They provide opportunities to explore freely, developing their confidence and critical thinking, using real resources to support imaginative play, enhancing communication skills and building skillsets to become fully engaged. Active learning offers the fundamental skills and knowledge required to ensure the lessons learnt in the first years of life will stay with them forever.

By Sabrina,Toddlers Inn's Nursery Manager

About Us:

We know that choosing a nursery is a big decision and here at Toddlers Inn, after years of experience, we think we understand what is important to both parents and children. We realise the demands and pressures parents have in their lives and we therefore offer many different, flexible sessions to suit every parent's needs. Whether you are applying for a funded or self-funding place, or have vouchers from work, we will always endeavour to find what works best for you. Visit our website at

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